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Jay Rodriguez

En gång i månaden
Bilingual Broadcasting Network we are not the competition we are the difference. Our shows are in English and Spanish. Sabado En la Noche is a bilingual show that showcases the new , the present, and future music from all genres and what is out there to make you dance! DJ RajaTabla is the iconic host that makes the show a great time! La Sateria Live! Many other shows please visit often so you don't miss out! Support this podcast:
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Anderson Teixeira, "Tuche" Co-fundador, líder, músico do Grupo Incandeia, Samba e Pagode. Celebrou 22 anos de sucesso. Ele é um exemplo de profissional Multiflex. Ser músico é Paixão, Passa Tempo, Profissão? Contatos WhatsApp 019 99718 9056 Tom Reaoch
Analytics has typically been too slow to be operationally relevant to making business decisions. In this conversation with Mark Stouse, CEO of Proof Data Corporation, we discuss the advancements in marketing analytics that make it possible to avoid the tyranny of intuition and cooked data, and establish analytics as an inseparable coach and bodygua…
We delve into a much anticipated B2B Marketing Research Report 2022 that involved a record number of organisations from across the globe, including BBN and Australian partner Green Hat, sharing their plans and perceptions for the year ahead. Shorn of an agenda, unlike vendor-sponsored narratives, this is a handy statistically-relevant, data-rich st…
Priscilah Plaça, Autora, Mentora de Negócios, conversa sobre o novo projeto: Imersão, Fabricando Empreendedores de Sucesso. Evento presencial de 3 dias em São Paulo . Codigo Promocional para ouvintes "tomvip" , inscrição:…
Join Joel Harrison, Editor in Chief at B2B Marketing as he chats with BBN's Face of The Future event keynote speakers about the key challenges at the core of the B2B marketing industry dilemma: brand building, putting strategy before tactics and fostering a mindest to create the right culture. This is a recording made immediately after the event wh…
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