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Jay Rodriguez

En gång i månaden
Bilingual Broadcasting Network we are not the competition we are the difference. Our shows are in English and Spanish. Sabado En la Noche is a bilingual show that showcases the new , the present, and future music from all genres and what is out there to make you dance! DJ RajaTabla is the iconic host that makes the show a great time! La Sateria Live! Many other shows please visit often so you don't miss out! Support this podcast:
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It's official! Google is pretty clever at filtering out poor content. That's great news for us and businesses that want to improve their Google search rankings by delivering content their customers want. It is terrible news for those who try and 'cheat the system' with AI-generated content and still try to hide 'invisible' keywords on their pages. …
In the next 30 minutes, Zoe Elmore, Head of Media at BBN London, will share her two cents on why there has never been a better time for B2B marketers & brands to be bold with their data, media and amplification strategy. We'll discuss how COVID has affected media consumption and how the media landscape has evolved to tip the scales toward focusing …
Networking e Lifelong Learning, um Liveclass para 600 alunos, todos empreendedores da Scaleup, Plataforma de streaming de cursos que usa inteligencia artificial para criar um feed com videos e aulas completas; Para assistir a apresentação em video do Liveclass Scaleup: Tom Reaoch
Juliana Monteiro, CEO Mergulho Sustentável, Coordenadora de Comunicação e Parcerias OSC Base Social, Ativista Social e Ambiental, Articuladora, Movimento Campinas Criativa, Integrante Mulheres do Brasil. Tom Reaoch
Fabio Mori, Fundador da Edtech Escola Matriz e Podcast Host no MatrizCast, Podcast oficial da escola via Spotify e Canal YouTube. Fabio é Engenheiro Elétrico e Engenheiro de Performance em equipes de Stock Car. Fabio conversa sobre a ideia de criar a Escola Matriz, escola digital para crianças e adolescentes.…
In this episode of BBN Mixtape, we elevate our conversation and look at some macro events affecting the marketing industry. From discussing the consolidation happening among agencies, the shift in agency working practices, or how short-term, tactical execution continues to dominate long-term, strategic approaches, we dive into what agencies are get…
Nearly ten years ago, the head of HR from a little-known petrochemicals business contacted BBN Partner Fifth Ring for support in evolving their brand. Little did anyone know at the time that both client and agency would learn a lot about each other, and how brands can be built and endure. This podcast explores the assignment from both sides of the …
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