BBPH Ep. 408 - In Studio With Ethan!


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This week the boys are joined by our good friend Ethan Chambers and we've got a lot of wrestling talk including Seth Rollins getting attacked by a fan, The Rock NOT at Survivor Series, the Ruthless Aggression series on Peacock, Jeff Hardy on Broken Skull Sessions and more! We've also got a bit of movie/tv talk with Bel Air on Peacock. We've got some toy talk with Chella Toys announcing a Bone Crushing Action line called Bone Crushers. We're going over some details about what happened on PHPW Turkey Takedown '21 and a couple of announcements about PHPW Jingle All The Way... To Hell 2! We're continuing our tournament to crown the greatest 90's fad as we see Beanie Babies vs Goosebumps books. And we have another round of crazy sodas and this week we're trying Bazooka Joe soda!

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