S2 Episode 13: Bonus Short Episode - What Is The Walled Garden?


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David put together a bonus short episode this week, talking more about the mythological idea of a Walled Garden and more practically what The Walled Garden Philosophical Society is all about. There will be a regular short episode to be released on Friday.

The Walled Garden: https://thewalledgarden.com/

The Philosophers: https://thewalledgarden.com/philosophers

Simon Drew: Poet and host of The Practical Stoic and Walled Garden podcasts.

Brandon Tumblin: Host of The Strong Stoic podcast.

Joshua Bertolotti: Host of In Search of Wisdom podcast.

Juan Perez: Host of Estoicimo Practico podcast.

Judith Stove: Author and co-host of Soul Searching with Seneca podcast.

Academic Philosophers: Kai Whiting and Markus Ruther

Rocco Jarmin: Host of Eyes Wide Open Life podcast.

Sharon LeBell: Author and philosopher.

At the end of the episode I also mention a new idea for Between Two Ravens to develop some community for fans. David is starting a Patreon for his Prosoche Project blog, which includes behind the scenes writing, a private Discord chatroom, and David has a goal to offer classes/groups on Mindfulness and Dream Interpretation.

To kick it off, between September and December 2022, anyone who becomes a member on the Patreon will be invited to the Between Two Ravens virtual fireside chat, where Shawn and David will have a Q&A and we hope you join us and bring your weird fan fiction theories on the Norse gods. All donations during the Fall “funding drive” will go towards Shawn and David buying matching viking drinking horns. More details will be discussed in a future episode.

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