S2 Episode 14: B2R Short - The Archetype of The Psychopath: The Trickster Without Eros.


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David presents a short solo episode on the definition of the Archetype of the Psychopath based on Adolph Guggenbühl-Craig’s book “The Emptied Soul”. What does a psychopath have to do with Norse Mythology? Well apparently a lot, as Guggenbühl-Craig explicitly compares Norse Mythology to a state of “psychopathic depression” and nihilism.

David critiques Guggenbühl-Craig’s understanding of Nordic Mythology as a whole and shares a personal theory of the transition from Loki the Trickster as a creative force, to the Trickster as a destructive force.

David also reflects on the practical areas to recognize our “inner psychopath”, lust for power, and the rejection of vulnerability or Eros.

You can read the text of this episode at Between Two Ravens Blog: https://tworavenpodcast.wordpress.com/2022/09/28/the-archetype-of-the-psychopath-the-trickster-without-eros/

“The Emptied Soul”: https://amzn.to/3CdCFDl

“From The Wrong Side: A Paradoxical Approach to Psychology”: https://amzn.to/3E3Fc5p

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