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Over 2.3 million people have gotten clean solar energy thanks to crowdfunded investments made through Trine.
Trine is a company where you can invest your money to fund solar cell installations in Africa, Central America and Asia. People get clean energy, and you get a profit.
Since 2015 Trine has grown to over 11,000 retail and professional investors, with a total portfolio consisting of 27 solar companies.
Trine offers an annual return of around 7-10% and has funded €40 million to date, with an estimated 2.3 million people accessing electricity and 250.000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided so far.
For people, for planet, for profit is Trine’s slogan.
We will talk to Hanna Lindquist who has been with Trine since 2016, when the company was about to launch its first pilot loan. She has a background from working within civil society and politics with branding, community building and PR.
Hosted by Warp Institute co-founder Mathias Sundin.
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