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The food system is currently rapidly undergoing a revolution. In this session, we’ll learn more about how innovation and technology will change the way we produce, distribute, and consume foods — for the better.
The Malthusians were wrong.
The world has been able to feed itself and is on a path to eradicate starvation and hunger. The food system was optimized for cheap calories, not nourishment, and environmental sustainability. But these problems are solvable.
Daniel Skavén Ruben is a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation Food Team; a mentor to a number of FoodTech accelerators and startups; a food tech angel investor; and curator of the FoodTech Weekly newsletter.
Hosted by Warp Institute co-founder Mathias Sundin.
At Warp News, we strive to balance the negative bias in mainstream media that with fact-based, optimistic news focusing on the possibilities with new technologies, ideas, and collaboration.

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