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Huzzah! We've finished an entire season of Victrola without any major injuries. This month's full length episode it jam packed at almost fifty minutes. We'll be back in February with season eight. This month's episode features some extra special guests from The Kids In The Pod (Kids in the Hall Recap Podcast): Nick Ramirez (Midnight Society, UCB) Jared Eimicke (UCB, 3:33) Aimée Lutkin (UCB, The Lonely Hunter) Want to support the podcast? Review us on Apple Podcasts! Buy some dang merchandise! Head to for the relevant links! As always, extra shout out to our Patreon supporters! Don't forget, you can find full archives and bonus episodes over at For as little as $1/month you can get access to a thousand hours of content not available anywhere else. You'll also sleep soundly knowing you contributed to our delinquency. Track Listing: Dune Trailer Toy Company Pitch Meeting Pepperidge Farm Outlet Store Tool Library FEC Insliders Game Show

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