Kahoot acquires Clever | Youibot & ReCharge raises Funds | Upstream Works integrates with AWS.


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Kahoot acquires Clever, the US-based ed-tech portal, for up to $500M. The plan will be to continue growing Clever’s business in the U.S., which currently employs 175 people, as well as give it a lever for expanding globally, alongside Kahoot’s wider stable of ed-tech software and services. The deal is a combination of cash and shares, and gives Clever an enterprise value of between $435 million and $500 million.

SoftBank leads $15 Million round for China’s industrial robot maker, You-i-bot. Youibot, has raised over 200 million yuan to date. Youibot plans to spend the fresh proceeds, on research and development in its mobile robots and proprietary software, team building, and market expansion.

ReCharge, a provider of subscription management software for e-commerce, raises $227 million in a Series B growth round, at a $2.1 billion valuation. Summit Partners, ICONIQ Growth, and Bain Capital Ventures led the funding. ReCharge, plans to use its fresh capital to accelerate hiring in both R-and-D, and go-to-market functions such as sales, marketing, and customer success. The start-up now has 15,000 customers, and 20 million subscribers across 180 countries on its platform.

Upstream Works, Announces Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Centre Solutions, for Enterprises. Upstream Works Software Ltd., a provider of Omnichannel Contact Centre solutions, debuts Upstream Works for Amazon Connect, now on the AWS Marketplace. UWA offers cloud contact centre solutions, that are optimized for enterprises, and enable contact centres to personalize engagements, and increase efficiency with a scalable, and cost-effective platform.

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