Molecule & Timescale raises funds | Forcepoint LLC buys Aurion-pro Solutions


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Houston SaaS startup, Molecule, closes its $12M series A funding round, with support from a local VC, Mercury Fund. The company has a cloud-based energy trading, and risk management solution for the energy industry, and supports power, natural gas, crude or refined products, chemicals, agricultural commodities, softs, metals, cryptocurrencies, and more. The company will use its new funds to further build out its product, as well as introduce offerings to manage renewable credits, according to the release.

Enterprise security firm Aurion-pro Solutions, is set to sell its cybersecurity business to Austin-based software company,y Forcepoint LLC, for $9.6 million. Aurion-pro said, cash proceeds from the deal will help its plan to become “debt-free”, sometime after the second quarter this year. The deal will also help its balance sheet to significantly improve KPIs, in the coming quarters.

Timescale grabs $40M Series B, as it goes all in on cloud version of time series database. Redpoint Ventures led the round, with help from existing investors Benchmark, New Enterprise Associates, Icon Ventures and Two Sigma Ventures. The company reports that, it has now raised approximately $70 million. Timescale is based in New York City, but it’s a truly remote organization, with 60 employees spread across 20 countries and every continent, except Antarctica.

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