Son, KdB, Diaz & The Final Gameweek


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The General looks ahead to the final Gameweek of the season, as he tries to push into the overall top 10k, and details various strategies to help you triumph in your mini-leagues...

Plus answers to the following:

  • Are hits in the final Gameweek worth it?
  • Would you swap out Salah for Son or Mane as a punt?
  • Is it worth doing a -4 for Salah to Son, or just do a straight swap of Salah to KDB?
  • Best Coutinho replacement?
  • Differential players to consider for the final gameweek of the season if you are chasing?
  • Probably going to transfer Salah to Son, but also tempted to do either Saka to Bowen or Mount to Diaz for a -4. Should I just play safe with the one transfer?
  • Still have the triple captain chip left, should I place it on Son or KDB?
  • Do you think there will be any changes to the game (chips, etc) next season?
  • Any tips that we should do to prepare for a new season ahead?

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