Time To Couple Up - It's Cuffing Season! Astro Update With Psychic Jill Jardine


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Today's guest is astrologer and psychic healer Jill Jardine, and she'll discuss why love is in the air because Cuffing Season is about to take full effect. Say goodbye to casual summer flings because people are looking to get locked down. From September to March, singles hunt for a romantic partner, looking for someone to weather the colder months. The fall season is an incredible time to take things to the next level. Cuffing Season is a time when singles are more inclined to settle down intoa serious relationship. Just because the temperature turns doesn’t mean things can't heat up. Jill lets us know what in our love forecast for the Fall of 2021.

Jill Jardine is an astrologer, therapist, psychic healer, and spiritual advisor. She's also a former radio personality on95.9 WATD and the host of the podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. She's a Reverend in Sanskrit Mantra, and chanting mantras shifts outcomes and proves to be an invaluable tool. For over 30 years, Jill’s helped thousands of people find power and confidence within themselves wile guiding them with important decisions. It’s no secret that people turn to Astrology in the age of uncertainty and often people look to the stars, as cosmic compass when dating. In today's episode, Jill will bring us up to speed so we can get a clear picture of what will be happening astrologically this fall.

Labor Day is behind us, and it’s that time of year Cuffing Season: for those of you who don’t know what Cuffing Season means? Cuffing Season is a term used to describe the desire to be tied or cuffed during the colder months.

Cuffing Season is psychological, biological, and scientific. It goes back to the cavemen days and Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Data shows that more babies are born in the summer months, meaning those babies were conceived during the colder months. When the darker days settle in, people are more inclined to binge-watch Netflix and stay home, which means the time to get out there is fall for sure.

Match’s CEO recently stated on CNBC that this fall would be the biggest "cuffing season" in history due toCOVIDlockdowns and vaccines. Match expects online dating to explode, so now is the time to refresh, rebrand yourselfonline and get back out there.

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