The Love Experiment With Founder And CEO Of Once Dating App Clémentine LaLande


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Today's guest is Clémentine Lalande, and she's the founder and CEO of the dating app Once. Back in 2015, along with a friend, Clémentine created the "slow dating" app, which delivers one match a day to each user. The app is the leading dating App in Europe, which has over 10 million users. Once launched, a matching algorithm based on a user's "emotional profile" created by a team of psychologists and dating experts. Once's vision is to create a post-swipe world. Clémentine discusses how she's changing the online dating culture, why we should give The Love Experiment a shot, and why this quality-over-quantity approach is the solution to the oversaturated dating scene.
Clémentine Lalande has this vision of a new way of dating firmly in her mind. Once leverages AI algorithms to provide just one match per day to each user. Each pair has 24 hours of each other's attention and can continue chatting if they "like" each other. And this method seems to be more than popular. In early 2021, the Dating Group acquired the company, overall valuing the company at 18 million.
Clémentine has over a decade of experience in technology and business development. She's also founded the dating app Pickable, a feminist dating app, which reverses gender power imbalances by requiring only men to create a profile. A few months after its launch, it had two million users. Pickable was awarded by Apple then sold to Once, while she continues to serve as CEO while heading the united company.
Kerry Brett and Clémentine Lalande cover a lot of ground and topics include:
The recent launch of the Love Connection and why this is beneficial to daters.
The Love Connection is the first dating app algorithm created by an all-female team whose goal is to swap endless, image-centric swiping for meaningful connections by offering users just a single, carefully selected match each day.
The Love Experiment enlisted the help of French psychoanalyst Fabienne Kramer and British psychologist Dannielle Haig. Together, they created a set of 28 questions inspired by transactional analysis, analytical psychology, and behavioral analysis to identify a person's emotional profile.
Clémentine plans to change the swiping culture, and she feels swiping on a variety of apps is like searching for a number in the phone book. That it simply makes singles unhappy.
Once matches people based on personality. Once, is the only dating site that matches couples based on the Myers-Briggs personality test.
Clémentine shares advice for women around staying hopeful and optimistic when dating online.
Why you should be specific in your bio and be specific for what you're looking for.
Remember to keep in mind the profile is not the person.
Don't spend more than three days speaking with someone online. Cross that bridge from digital to real-life ASAP – the sooner you do this, the better off you'll be.
To find out more about Once visit For more information about Clémentine LaLande you can find her on Twitter @clemeentine or on LinkedIn.

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