Overcoming Affairs And The Amazing Afterlife With Adulterer's Wife Author, C.J. Grace


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This week's guest is C.J. Grace, she's the author of Adulterer's Wife, How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not. C.J. dealt with the double whammy of discovering her husband's Infidelity shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She refused to be a victim and kept her wicked sense of humor. In this episode, we discuss why Infidelity happens, overcoming emotional roller coasters, regaining self-worth, and how to take our power back so we can be happy, with or without a partner. C.J. shares her laugh-out-loud yet profoundly inspiring story while reminding us that life is short and why we should go for what we want now!

C.J. Grace was a BBC Journalist in the U.K. and China Radio International in Beijing. She's a speaker, voice-over artist, and Infidelity author and authority currently completing Hotel Chemo: My Wild Ride through Breast Cancer and Infidelity. When Arianna Huffington received a copy, she invited her to be a HuffPost contributor. C.J.'s been featured on BBC Radio, HuffPost, Divorce Source Radio, and the Daily Telegraph. She's also the Founder of the Clubhouse Club, Overcoming Infidelity, as well as being a cancer warrior. Now divorced and currently living in Hawaii, C.J. insists that the obstacles she's faced have enabled her to make her midlife better than her younger days. Her mantra is the best revenge is to get past the need for it.

C.J. Grace and Kerry Brett cover a lot of ground. This episode is an excellent resource for starting over and navigating challenging times such as losing a relationship, health issues, or simply reinventing. Topics include:

How to move past cheating and letting go of anger or vengefulness.
How C.J. survived by creating and using her 6-part system.
Why you shouldn't make important decisions based on emotions.
How to use anger and pain to create the best life possible.
Why Infidelity is considerably more common for men than women.
The old boys club around the subject of adultery.
How to thrive whether you decide to stay or not.
How common Infidelity is, in fact, Infidelity is more common than alcoholism.
Why people kept secrets and don't talk about this important, heartbreaking subject.
How women get destroyed by being cheated on and how we can help ourselves.
C.J. offers great advice around getting out of the box of negative emotions.
How cheating creates low self-worth while kicking up shame and fear, and how to overcome these emotions.
How to pull yourself out of a victim mindset when you are deceived by a cheating partner.
Why someone who's left you or cheated on you isn't the end all be all, and why you should quickly take your power back and move forward.
How obstacles and adversity triggers personal transformation.
What you can learn about yourself in your darkest hour.
Trust it if you get a gut feeling that something isn't right about someone or a situation.
Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.
If another woman steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men can't be stolen.
C.J.'s mantra, "the best revenge is to get past the need for it".

To find out more about C.J. Grace, follow her website for more information www.adultererswife.com, or follow her on Instagram @cjgraceauthor. Purchase her book Adulterer's Wife, How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not on Amazon.

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