7 Tips for Avoiding Burnout


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Have you ever gotten to a point of complete exhaustion and stress, but blame it on a million different things...

Work is just crazy right now, but when it slows down I’ll be good.

I think I’m just tired, but after this weekend I’m sure I’ll feel energized.

It’s just PMS, nothing to worry about.

...without ever considering if you’ve reached burnout?

Or maybe you know you’re gradually reaching that point, but don’t know what you can do to work against it?

Then today’s episode is for you!

If you’re a hard worker, if you’ve experienced big life changes recently, or are navigating grief and hardship, tune in to today’s episode as Jordan shares what she learned from her personal journey of reaching burnout. You’ll learn:

  • Why burnout is more than just “working too hard”
  • What you can do to proactively prevent burnout
  • How to unapologetically set boundaries in your life
  • Practical tips to support your wellness

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