Hotline Calls: Should You Break Up?


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It’s the question everyone has asked themselves at least once. Should I break up with my partner? Relationship success depends on so many factors - communication, emotional intimacy, and of course - sexual connection. Figuring out which problems are worth solving and which ones are directing you to the exit sign can be confusing, exhausting and painful.

So on today’s show, I take your questions - live - to figure out if you should make up or break up. Is bad sex worth leaving someone over? What about an age gap that puts both of you in much different life stages? Or how do you know if an affair has the potential to turn into something real? We learn so much from other people’s relationships. No matter where you are in your own, this will teach us all how to make better choices going forward.

And if you want your questions answered on the next Hotline Call show, please reach out! You can leave messages online at or by calling 559-TALK-SEX (825-5739). Just leave your name, age, where you live and how you listen to the show! (You can always change your name or choose to remain anonymous.)

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