#72 - @UnleashingInfluence Spiraling Into Control with Dr. Angela Mulrooney


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Dr. Angela Mulrooney

CW: Suicide

Welcome back, Peeps!

We are so lucky to have Dr. Angela Mulrooney on the show to tell her harrowing life story. Katrina witnessed Dr. Mulrooney speak and perform at JUMPSTART 2020 and knew she had to invite her on the show to tell us more about her remarkable life path. Dr. Angela tells about juggling her passion for dance while attending dental school, hitting rock bottom, and having to reinvent herself entirely after losing her accomplished career in dentistry. Her humanist approach to mental health and its relationship to work informs her current career as a dental business consultant.

Watch Dr. Angela’s ingenious, heartfelt performance at JUMPSTART here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbgLlp_9GaE

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • How can I balance dentistry and free time?
  • What does it take to rebuild myself from the ground up?
  • How do I know if I need a career coach?
  • How can I make effective use of my social media?

Dr. Mulrooney’s Bio:

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a retired dentist turned branding expert. How did that happen?

She wanted to be a dentist since she had baby teeth. At 24, She started living her dental dream which turned into an enviable dental career. She turned a broken down practice into her dream practice. She lived the elusive dream of providing the services she loved, on clients she loved, while earning more and working less.

Overnight, she went from being a well-known dentist to hitting rock-bottom - losing everything after sustaining a career-ending injury that killed her ability to practice.

She rebranded herself as a dental business coach. Her authentic comeback story as she built her new brand was noticed by other professionals who started asking her to unleash their authentic personal brands on social media.

She works with professionals internationally to get them noticed as the go-to expert of their industry while maintaining their authenticity.

You might be the most talented professional in the world, but what if no one knows you exist? Let’s ensure that never happens!

Find Dr. Angela online:

Personal IG: @DrAngelaMulrooney

Unleashing Influence IG: @UnleashingInfluence

Website: https://unleashingdentistry.com/


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