What is Sculpture Conservation?


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The Sculpture Vulture Podcast is back for Season 2 and in this first episode, we catch up with, Lucy Branch, and a sculpture at University College London by Bouke de Vries and what's been going on since Season 1 for some of the sculptors’ interviewed in the previous season including Rodney Munday's Work for Project Blackjack, Amy Goodman's Aborfield Horses and Hugh Chapman's latest work, Transcending, made by Lockbund Foundry. In this episode, Lucy discusses, what conservation is and why it's different to what is done on, the popular show, The Repair Shop. She discusses what conservators do, what their role is and why sculptors and custodians need one!

Please support the show by purchasing, Bronze Behaving Badly, about the foundations of preserving sculpture and architectural features. Or, one of several novels such as, Restoration Murder, by Lucy Branch. This podcast was brought to you by Antique Bronze

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