Curiosity, Work That Matters and Contemporary Figurative Sculpture with Eve Shepherd


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This week, Lucy Branch, talks to Eve Shepherd, about her contemporary figurative sculpture. They discuss how Eve's journey began with a mouse and the ups and downs of a professional career in sculpture.

Eve has carried out many public commissions including works for The National Maritime Museum and a Portrait of Stephen Hawkins for Cambridge University. Today, she talks about her short-listed entry in the Emily Williamson Statue Campaign and, The Betty Campbell Monument soon to be unveiled in Cardiff.

Join us and BE INSPIRED BY SCULPTURE. You can find images of Eve Shepherd's work and a transcription of the interview at Sculpture Vulture Blog - SCULPTURE VULTURE

Please support the show by purchasing, Bronze Behaving Badly, about the foundations of preserving sculpture and architectural features. Or, one of several novels such as, Restoration Murder, by Lucy Branch. This podcast was brought to you by Antique Bronze

This podcast was brought to you by Antique Bronze

Snippet from the interview:

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