The Power Of Maya's Dictations And The Ways To Overcome Them


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But this type of happiness takes time because the real happiness that we are trying to achieve through the process of Krishna consciousness comes through purification of the heart and it takes time “cheto darpan maarjanam” for the dust and dirt accumulated for the millions of births to be cleansed. But we have faith and we preserve that faith and keeps the strength on the basis of that faith by hearing every day, regularly, by fearing from Srimad Bhagavatam, by hearing from Bhagavad Gita, by hearing from sincere and concerned devotees. It gives us the strength and the confidence to continue honest process of purification and to give us the power to resist the ever present temptations of maya, that which is not, it appears to be our friend but it is not, it appears to give us relief but it will not, it appears to give us happiness but it will not, that which is not, that is maya, that is the illusion. So, we must be very very careful, to always keep very good association of devotees and to keep our sadhana very strong, because without strong saadhana, Srila prabhupada said in one purport that, “of all my instructions, the most essential is to chant at least sixteen rounds every day”.

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