Bhakti Is The Process Of Churning Our Hearts For Krishna's Pleasure


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“When we really hide our butter very well and Krishna doesn’t find it, he makes it known to us. He will pinch our little baby children and make them cry or sometimes he will go into our temple room and pass urine.” Now for some of you, you may be thinking, “this is the Absolute Truth? this is God? this is Allah? this is the Lord of Ibrahim, Isaac and Jacob? this is Narayan, this is Narsimha, this is Shiva, the Absolute Truth? Ultimately, the exchanges of love for his devotees are his sweetest enjoyment and they give the sweetest enjoyment to his devotees. You may think it seems like a little ordinary boy, passing urine on someone’s floor when they are angry with them, but here it is over 5000 years later, we are still talking about it. How many times you passed urine? You don’t have to answer this question. who cares? Nobody cares. But Krishna does it, everyone is celebrating, it was another celebration, we are still celebrating because Krishna is all attractive.

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