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Episode 19 - Welcome to New Egypt

The Moon Knight TV show is leaning into Marc Spector’s struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and this week’s books by Jeff Lemire (Le Meyer) and Greg Smallwood (with Jordy Bellaire and Cory Petit) are a deep dive into Marc Spector’s childhood and the formation of Moon Knight’s many DID “alters.” This is a fast moving, dreamlike and/or nightmarish story that finally addresses the issues of identity and mental illness that have been a part of Moon Knight’s history since the beginning.


Moon Knight News

May Calamawy got her Moon Knight audition through Instagram

Esquire online puts together a top 10 list of MCU characters who make a surprise cameo in Moon Knight

Paper Comics

Moon Knight #11 will be delayed to May 25th per Jed MacKay on Twitter

Moon Knight Legacy reprint collection now available

Recommendation: The Many Deaths of Laila Starr (Ram V, Filipe Andrade)

This Week's Stack

  • Moon Knight vol. 8 #1-14

Stack Discussion

Moon Knight vol. 8 #1-5 – Welcome to New Egypt

Moon Knight vol. 8 #6-9 – Incarnations

Moon Knight vol. 8 #10-14 – Death and Birth

Listener Mail

Moon Knight Appearances

Duane on Geek Confidential 112

Next Week

  • Moon Knight Legacy #188-200 by Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows


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