Orange Lounge Radio Episode 865 - 4/18/2021


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Rumors were spread online this week that SquareEnix was considered for acquisition by other companies, but in a rare rebuke, SquareEnix has denied the story. Why would something like this be spread online? We discuss the issue and if someone was perhaps trying to manipulate the stock, especially in a day and age where more of us are getting into stock trading. We don't stop there though as there's plenty of news to get into for the week! Also in the news: * New Playstation 5 Firmware update * The concerning "CMOS" issue * Amazon Cancels LOTR Game * How E3 and Summer Shows are Shaping Up All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio! LIVE on the VOG Network, Sunday nights at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern Twitter: @olr Mailbag: participate (at) orangeloungeradio dot com

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