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Today on No Restraints with Rudy Caseres my guest is Julie Kraft: author of The Other Side of Me: Memoir of a Bipolar Mind. This was the second time I’ve interviewed Julie after she was brave enough to dress up for my Halloween-themed show last year. As always, she’s a lot of fun and the time passes by effortlessly. Please make sure to buy your own copy of The Other Side of Me on Amazon. You can also stay updated with her work at www.juliekraft.com. Julie is also making great content on her Instagram as well. ?Like what you see? You can support No Restraints with Rudy Caseres by pledging a monthly amount at Patreon.com/RudyCaseres. This will help keep the show running as well as improving important aspects such as lighting, sound, a new laptop, and eventually a recording studio. You can also make a one time offer of monetary support at PayPal.me/RudyC and Venmo.com/RudyCaseres. I appreciate any and all support. Stay tuned for another episode of No Restraints with Rudy

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