Ep 15 Beyond the Word w. Suite Franchon: The Power of One Poem


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It's episode 15 of Beyond the Word with Suite Franchon. Artist Advocate Gif of Pay Us No Mind chops it up with Suite Franchon about the revenue, branding, and legacy power of one poem. Time to stop leaving money on the table, time to inspire as many people as possible and start leaving true legacies. Spoken Poet, start professionally recording and distributing your work. OMG, spoken word is popping up everywhere! The Master Griot Project™ contends this is just the tip of the iceberg. ?Join in the manifestation of a new sphere for the spoken word industry. Move Beyond the Word with Suite Franchon to the limitless possibilities of the burgeoning spoken word industry. We have not yet seen all that the word can do. What do you envision for spoken word? Want to be a guest? Please, share what new things are you doing in or how you are expanding the linear views of spoken word. Follow up at mastergriotradio.com/beyond_the_word. CONNECT: Suite Franchon www.suitefranchon.us Gif - Pay Us No Mind www.payusnomind.info

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