The Best Advice from Mr. Money Mustache


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Exactly 10 years ago, I released the first episode of the Financial Independence Podcast!

To celebrate this big birthday, I’ve collected all the best advice from my interviews with my very first podcast guest – Mr. Money Mustache!

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  • Mr. Money Mustache’s investing strategy
  • Thoughts on real-estate investing vs. stock-market investing
  • How to invest in a raging bull market
  • The benefits of hitting FI before having kids
  • Why you’ll likely make money after retiring early
  • Mr. Money Mustache’s biggest splurge
  • How to decide whether to pay off your mortgage early
  • The best part of financial independence
  • How to find meaning after early retirement
  • Most challenging part of post-FI life
  • The impact of financial independence on personal relationships

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