On the road 18! Juan Manuel Esparcia about the Spanish system and coaching elite players (in English)


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Juan Manuel Esparcia is truly a top coach in both Spanish but also international tennis. He helped Guillermo Garcia-Lopez as a mentor when Garcia-Lopez was 10 years old, but also coached him later in his career and helped him reach nr.23 in the world. Juan Manuel was 2010 recognized by RPT as the "Best ATP Coach of the Year".

Juan Manuel:

* have worked with the ITF/Grand Slam Development teams

* have worked with the Spanish Tennis Federation, for example with their coaching education system

* is the Co-founder of SPORTED, a company focused on Sport Management

* is an ATP player Agent as well as RFEF/FIFA Agent for soccer players

* have written and published numerous articles in several different magazines and have been the Key Note speaker at various symposiums around the world.

In this great episode we talk about:

- what the "Spanish system" is

- if the picture of Spanish tennis practices with long lasting drills, many repetitions and long intervals is correct

- a coach role in a players development

- the Spanish Tennis Federation

- the coaches education system in Spain

- the worlk Juan Manuel did with Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, former 23 In the world, and what made him become a world class player

- Juan Manuels role as a ATP player agent

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