Midweek Newsreel #21 - Furry pirates, gaming on a fruit and zombiehunting teens!


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A new Resident Evil game! Nintendo is always developing new and interesting stuff. Now it seems like a new controller is on the way. The Switch have a new update with some nice features. Is this the end times for rom sites? It seems like the big sites are taking some hits from Nintendo. TGS is happening and Final Fantasy seven have a new trailer. Death Stranding is also going to be there with a gigant demo. We will cover TGS in the next episode, stay tune fot that.

Apple is trying to get in to the gaming industry with Apple Arcade. The Octopath developers have a new game launching there. Sea of Thieves and Siege have a lot of new content available. We will soon get more news about The Last of Us 2... finally.

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