Life as a Gamer #95 - Always late to the party


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Nintendo Direct, Blair Witch and Gears 5, a lot to cover in this episode. Nintendo did not disappoint in there latest Direct with over 30 games and a few new titles. As we have talked about in previous episodes, Overwatch is finally announced for the Switch. You have new titles like Rouge company, Deadly Premonition, Little Town Hero and Super Kirby Clash. Nintendo online is geting bigger and better with 20 Super Nintendo games and more to follow. Blair Witch got released a week back and we have played and completed it. We give you a review of the game and whether you should buy it or not. Gears 5 have also been released on Xbox Game Pass and we have played it. We will give you a first impression of the game with a full review to follow inte the next episode.

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