How cities adapt to the changing climate


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How can our cities handle the extreme weather the future brings? Architecture plays an important role in making our cities livable even in extreme weather conditions. As the future will bring turbulent weather of differing characters, the solutions too are diverse. In this episode of Let's talk architecture, you can hear about some of the manifold approaches to adapting the city to the dramatically changing climate and weather: Greening of buildings and flood protection of the city.

Paolo Russo from the Italian architect studio Stefano Boerri Architetti, tells us about forest-covered high-rise buildings in the middle of Milan, a concept they are bringing around the world. Other approaches are presented by Ole Schrøder from the Danish studio TREDJE NATUR, who is behind several climate adaptation projects that helps Copenhagen to better cope with large bodies of water. They have specialized in making public spaces with respect for the urban life and cultural heritage.

Michael Booth is the host of Let’s Talk Architecture, a Danish Architecture Center podcast. You can hear previous episodes here. This episode is organized in collaboration with UIA2023CPH, and Creative Denmark and produced by Muck Studios.

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