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Welcome to Podcast number 3 with Ben Coomber and me!

Ben Coomber is a leading educator in sports nutrition in the UK. He is the man to to to ig you are a Personal Trainer wanting to learn more, or if you are a client seeking helt for your health. Ben himself has grown the passion for health since he himself suffered from too much weight and AdHd.

In this podcast Ben and I talks about nutrition and mindset to name a few topics. Ben has his own podcast called "Ben Coomber Radio". To find him on iTunes, just type in his name and the search engine will take you there.

You can learn more about Ben by visiting his website: http://www.benboomber.com

If you want to know more about me, then please visit my website: http://justlotta.com

You can find both of us on our seperate accounts on twitter, facebook, instagram and Youtube.

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