#27 Clark Danger and JustLotta on Mindset


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This first episode out of two in the small motivational series that I did together with Clark Danger is about mindset.

Clark lives in Seattle Washington and I have been following his youtube channel and podcast for a while now. And one day I asked him if he wanted to come on my show and talk about things like, motivation, how to not to quit and to find inner strength.

We are both name-dropping-experts as you will come to hear in this podcast. But I hope that you will enjoy listening to it. We had a lot of fun recording it even though we almost missed out on doing it. Because the States had time saving the weekend before and we in Sweden didn’t, which we didn’t think of until Clark waited by the computer for me to come online, and I was out walking my dog because I had one more hour to go. But I am so thankful for that he gave it another chance even though he is super busy.

Get in touch with Clark by clicking on this link: http://www.clarkdanger.com

Get in touch with me by clicking on this link: http://justlotta.com

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