#102 | I Still Haven't Slept


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"That we are bound to the earth does not mean that we cannot grow; on the contrary it is the sine qua non of growth. No noble, well-grown tree ever disowned its dark roots, for it grows not only upward but downward as well." - C.G. Jung, Dreams || 01. Caballero - Beyond Of Soul [Spin Twist] || 02. At Mind - Signs [Ovnimoon] || 03. Cephalopod - Tree Tales [Tranquil Sounds] || 04. Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (Luzzar Remix Extended Version) [Monkey In Space] || 05. Eddie Bitar - Deep Within [Dreamstate] || 06. Kleiman ft. Pezzotti - Smoking Mirror [AlpaKa] || 07. Ecoteric - Axile [Universal Tribe] || 08. Emok & Martin Vice & Morten Granau - Watching the World Go By (Freedom Fighters Remix) [Iboga] || 09. Tranonica - Imagine Tomorrow [Sun Department] || 10. minds&machines - Resurrected [Anjunadeep] Never miss an episode! Subscribe to the Full Spectrum podcast, find the latest releases at https://ffaze.com

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