67. Meet the Women Behind Meet Her She Knows Payments


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In this episode, we are pleased to be joined by Camilla who is the Director-General (Community) and the co-founder of EPA Asia. She has a long career in the financial technology industry and often talks about coming home when she started her work in the payments industry. Payments is the part of the financial services that touch people’s lives every day, and through EPA Asia work lives can be improved. The payments industry offered her an opportunity to combine her passion for fintech and humanitarian questions. She is also the founder of a boutique consultancy firm Suite2Go which specializes in assisting international Fintech to be succussed in the APAC market.

In 2020 Camilla founded and lead the project Meet-Her She Knows Payments which is an initiative to encourage female thought leadership in the payments industry to secure diversity as a prerequisite for innovation.
Want to know more? Here is their website: https://www.meet-her.org/

Camilla serves on the Board for the Swedish Australian Chambre of Commerce, and she is a mentor for young entrepreneurs. You can reach out to Camilla on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/camillaolofsson/
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