66. What are non-fungible tokens 
with Christoffer Nilsson


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In this episode, we have invited Christoffer Nilsson to talk about NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens). Christoffer is working as digital strategy lead @ TietoEVRY and has a background with studies at Chalmers technical university. He wrote his master's thesis on blockchain and has since continued to deepen his knowledge in the subject. In the episode, we talk about non-fungible tokens. What they are. The latest and biggest happenings in this space and what use cases he sees around the corner for NFT's. Christoffer also openly shares his thoughts on the future of NFT's and what impact they might have on different industries as well as individuals. Join our discussion about this hot trend and learn more about it with us. We hope that you will enjoy the episode.

Christoffer Nilsson on LinkedIn
A few of the most popular and top NFT platforms:
Open Sea: https://opensea.io/
Rarible: https://rarible.com/
SuperRare: https://superrare.co/
Foundation: https://foundation.app/
Enjin Marketplace: https://enjin.io/software/marketplace
BakerySwap: https://www.bakeryswap.org/
Short explanation for what NFT's are:
An NFT is a non-fungible token which means that it is a unique item that you cannot replace with something else. An example of an NFT is a one-of-a-kind trading card, such as a digital artwork, in this episode we talk about NBA sportscards as another example, that you simply cannot replace with any other artwork. Today, the majority of NFTs are digital which makes it very easy for creators to give their supporters something unique and rare. While they are similar to Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, they are non-fungible and non-divisible.
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