63. The building blocks of the future of banking with Fredrik Ulvenholm


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In this episode, Johan and Gustaf are joined by Fredrik Ulvenholm who is the CEO of the company called Vilja Solutions. Vilja core banking platform is lots of things. Intuitive. Compliant. Innovative. Standardized. Automated. And Cloud-native. It’s all designed to keep you ahead of your competitors. By giving your bank better building blocks to work with.

We talk about Fredriks journey to where he is today and also a lot about financial super apps and what is needed to be able to create super apps. What is a 'super app'? and who will be the player that creates a 'super app' in Europe first? About that and a lot more in this episode.

Fredrik on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredrikulvenholm/
Vilja's website: https://viljasolutions.com/
Fredrik's favorite fintech, Gojek: https://www.gojek.com/en-id/
Fintechpodden website: https://fintechpodden.com/

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