64. Uncovering the latest trends within capital markets with Hugo Sundkjer from TietoEVRY


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In this episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of having Hugo Sundkjer from TietoEVRY joining us to discuss the latest trends within capital markets. Never before has the capital markets been so accessible to so many people around the world. TietoEVRY is one of the largest providers of services that powers the Nordic capital markets. We discuss some of the latest numbers on the Nordic capital markets development; for example, did you know that 80% of Swedes save in funds, but the number is way lower in Norway? We also look into some trends and the future development in this area.

Learn more about TietoEVRY at https://www.tietoevry.com/en/industries/financial-services/capital-markets-and-advisory/

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