Why Be Self-Disciplined?


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Have you ever considered becoming self-disciplined so that you can have better growth opportunities when it comes to career development or just having a more predictable lifestyle?
In this podcast, I start off with the definitions of discipline and self-discipline and from there I talk about the 3 types of performance that we experience:

  1. Low-performance state
  2. High-performance state
  3. Optimal performance state

When you understand the definition of self-discipline, you will realize that your day-to-day performance is tied with a very crucial concept - your feelings.
You'll hear me correlate performance with your feelings & emotions and how one can keep performing at the best optimal state for a long duration just by understanding their feelings & emotions.
Further in the podcast, I talk about the 3 aspects of self-leadership and why it is important for any aspiring leader to lead themselves first before transitioning into a people's leader.
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