What to do when there is absolutely no clarity with your career?


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Some call it the mid-career crisis, others just say it as lack of clarity - either ways, what is it one should do if there is a feeling of being lost in their career?
The feeling of 'being lost' in your career journey is not very unique to individuals. Even those having strong career performances feel this way during some part of their career.

In this podcast I shed some light on the below topics or questions to help you gain better clarity when it comes to gaining better clarity when it comes to building your career:

  • What kind of organization should you consider joining during a moment where you are feeling lost?
  • In this gig economy, are there other opportunities that are low-risk, high reward role?
  • Is it ok to start your side business and if entrepreneurship is something in your mind, is it safe to go at it alone or is it wise to be part of a community?
  • Know the importance of spending time with this very important person in your life
  • How can you make use of your circle of friends and colleagues to uncover things about yourself that they knew?

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