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So, what is feng shui? The old visdom from east about The art of placement. It’s very interesting to know that people in China, Hong kong and so on are using feng shui when they build their houses. They place them in the right direction and also to protect themselfs from danger.

We use the element from the nature, the compass, yin & yang and some more great tools. I can for example tell you your best direction when you’re sitting at your work desk, so that the energy works for you and not against you. Sometimes it could help to just move the table a little bit and you will feel a difference and also could get more success in your work.

It’s also works very well together with the law of attraction. Your thoughts are very important. If you want something and you always think about what you don´t have you’re working against the law of attraction.

It’s always better to think positive and remove the negative words as I don’t or I can’t and instead think about how you say things positively. That has helped me a lot in my life. Always when I smile and feel happy people smiles back at me. Also your posture is very important. If you think about your posture and straighten up your back I know many things will change. You can’t be happy if you sink with your back and head.


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