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I’m going to start a 14 days wardrobe declutter challenge very soon. If you are the one who has too much clothes and always postpone the decluttering for your clothes, this is something I would like to offer to you.

Why not challenge a friend and let’s do this. It’s so much easier to do something together. I’m going to do this very easy for you and I know you’re going to feel a big relief afterwards when you have downsized the amount of clothes. I can’t wait to help you and see your wardrobe transform into something wonderful.

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Our home is very important and affect us so much. A home you like and feel comfortable is to prefer and I know you can create the amazing home you like. Start to declutter all things you don’t like, use or need. Then try to find your style and then go for it. Let´s take your time and don’t rush anything. Before you know it you have designed your wonderful home. And if you like some help I really suggest you to contact Sally. She is one of the best I have ever met.

Guest today: Sally Soricelli, who is a residential interior designer in San Diego California.

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