CFP 024: How Alan Moore Sold $7k in Sponsorships Before His Podcast Launched


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Are you thinking about starting your own podcast, but you're worried it won't generate enough ROI to justify the time and effort?

This episode is for YOU.

Discover how Alan Moore, a Cashflow Podcasting client, funded the first 3 months of his new podcast before he even recorded a single episode. *This episode answer's one of the BIGGEST questions among would-be podcasters, "Will my podcast make money?".

Tune in to find out how.

Alan Moore is sharing his fascinating story in today's episode so that YOU can replicate what Alan did for your own podcast. I made sure to ask Alan all the questions I most often get about funding a podcast so that you as the listener are armed with as much information as possible.

Listen to this episode to learn how to fund your podcast, and even make money before you even start. *And know that this is Part 1. Part 2 will be released next week where I walk you through the 6 Steps to Make Money With Your Podcast BEFORE You Even Launch It.

Here's What You'll Discover:
  • What podcasting has done for Alan's business in just 1 year.
  • Alan's warning about how you should think about monetizing a podcast.
  • How Alan managed to get sponsors on board without even having a podcast yet.
  • Who Alan reached out to that sponsored his podcast.
  • How he packaged his sponsorship deal and pitched it to potential sponsors.
  • The exact pitch Alan used to land those sponsors.

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