S2 Episode 24: The Vikings of North America II: The Saga of the Greenlanders


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S2 Episode 24: The Vikings of North America II: The Saga of the Greenlanders

In this episode, Shawn discusses another version of the Norse discovery and settlement of Greenland, along with the settlement of North America, as told in "The Saga of The Greenlanders", a source written in the early to mid 13th Century.

This story shows a similar but different version of events that detail these discoveries, one in which the Norse were the agressors in their first interaction with the Native Americans, killing 8 of them in cold blood.

Freydis also schemes to kill a bunch of Norseman. Less awesome than her actions in "The Saga of Eirik the Red" where she pounded a sword against her exposed breast to scare the Natives in the midst of battle...

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