S2 Episode 21: Freyr's "Courtship" of Gerdr (Part 2)


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Season 2 Episode 2: Freyr’s “Courtship” of Gerder (Part 2)

This week Shawn and David wrap up the 2 part series on the story of how Freyr sends his servant, Skirnir, to propose to the giantess Gerdr on his behalf. Last week with them discussing Chapter 37 of Gylfaginning from the Prose Edda; however, this week them discussing its Poetic Edda counterpart, the poem, “For Skirnis”.

Skirnir in this poem is…. uhhhh slightly more sinister in his approach to “coercing” Gerdr to say yes. Meaning of course he threatened her for 11 stanzas with a horrific fate if she doesn’t agree to marry the Vanir god.

David continues the connection to Percival from the Fisher King. The pair also deep dive into Skirnis’ and Freyr’s motivations and insecurities, and how we all have our own forms of imposter syndrome and ambitions to take risks (or make sacrifices) in life.

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