S2 Episode 19: Freyr's "Courtship" of Gerdr (Part 1)


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Season 2 Episode 19 Part 1 of 2 Frey's "Courtship" of Gerdr

Shawn and David tell the story of Frey the lovesick lover from Snori’s Prose Edda

Frey shows up in relatively few stories, besides his arrival with the Aesir in a hostage exchange with the Vanir, Lokasenna, and Skirnismal - the story of Frey gaining the hand of the giantess Gerd, through the coercive efforts of his servant Skirnir.

Shawn and David talk about Frey as a fertility god and the archetypal Lover.

David gives more detail on the myth of Percival, the Holy Grail, and the Fisher King, as a potential parallel to Frey’s story and the existing Jungian analysis of the meaning behind Percival, the Hero who finds the Lover aspect.

Next week look forward to Part 2 - Skirnismal from the Poetic Edda and more discussion of the Shadow aspects of Frey the Lover and how Percival finds true love and mature masculinity where Frey fails.

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