ACU-036 Eight Deliberate Steps To Grow Your Medical Practice with Stacey Whitcomb LAc.


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Using deliberate practice to grow an Acupuncture Clinic

In today’s episode I am going to give you 8 intentional and deliberate practices to grow a soul fulfilling and successful Acupuncture practice.

Having a vision for your future, your career and your personal life will help you stay aligned with your calling, contentment and goals. And it’s okay if it changes along the way, or ends because then you can gather the information and feelings for this new situation and create another path forward with another focused intention. If you live with intention you will be less likely to wake up to a practice ten years from now that you dread. Treating patients you don’t enjoy. Not making the money you would like or traveling the world like you always wanted.

Here is the magical pathway:

  1. Ask yourself what you want.
  2. Create a vision.
  3. Set goals.
  4. Create phases.
  5. Outline action steps.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. Keep your head in the game. Spend time visualizing yourself doing it and what it looks like when you ARE there.
  8. Celebrate.
  9. Repeat.

In order to create a practice that you love and are in alignment with try this, but be flexible. Because things will change. Stay in tune and set quarterly appointments with yourself to touch base and make sure you still want what you are working towards. If an amazing opportunity comes along and it is in alignment with your vision but not part of the plan, grab it! Because when you get in alignment with your inner drive and self so does the universe. Accept the gifts. And when nothing is going your way and everything is an uphill battle. Re-evaluate. Is what you want in your highest good?

Be flexible.

Be consisteent

Be curious

Enjoy the process.

Be kind to yourself

Be yourself.

Let me know how it goes!

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