The Thorn in the Nest - Episode 7 - Kids Story Bedtime Stories for Children and Adults to Sleep


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There was as yet no post-office in Chillicothe, and no regular mail. One came occasionally, brought by a man on horseback, and its arrival was always an event fraught with deep interest to most of the inhabitants. This occurred during Kenneth's absence, for the first time in many weeks. There was a letter for him from Glen Forest, of which Dale took possession, paying the postage. "When will your master be home?" he asked of Zeb, who was lounging before the office door. "Dunno, sah; he didn't say, sah." "Where did he go?" "Dunno, sah; said he gwine on a hunt; wouldn't be home for two or three days." "Two or three days! and he's been gone nearly a week," exclaimed Dale, stepping into his office. "Nearly a week," he went on thinking aloud, as he seated himself at his desk and laid the letter on it. "I wonder if we shouldn't turn out in a body and hunt for him; he may have met with an accident or—the treacherous savage!" He frowned anxiously at the letter for a moment, then with sudden recollection turned from it to busy himself with his own correspondence. Several letters had come for him, and they must be read, digested, and answered. They absorbed his attention for some hours, then came the call to... #story #kidsstories ✝️❣️🗺️ AcreSoft Story Classic

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