The Thorn in the Nest - Episode 8 - Kids Story Bedtime Stories for Children and Adults to Sleep


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"How did you find Miss Lamar, doctor? Anything much the matter?" asked Dale, sauntering into his friend's office that evening, shortly after the return of the latter from his round of visits among his patients. Kenneth sat at his table, spatula in hand, making pills, a slight cloud of care on his brow. His reply was not a direct answer to the question. "Sit down, Godfrey," he said. "I've been thinking of calling in your aid in the management of this case." "Mine?" laughed Dale. "Yes, as consulting physician." "You are certainly jesting, yet you look as grave as a judge on the bench." "I wish," Kenneth said, pausing for an instant in his work and looking earnestly at Dale, "that there was more young society here, more to amuse and interest a young girl like Miss Lamar. Can't you help me to think of something new?" "Boating parties," suggested Dale. "That will do for one thing. Now what else?" "Get up a class in botany. I'll join it. You are quite an enthusiast in that line and know a great deal more on the subject than any one else about here." "Thank you. I should enjoy it if others would. Anything more?" "No, I should say I'd done my share of thinking, and you must finish up the... #story #kidsstory ✝️❣️🗺️ AcreSoft Story Classic

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