Ep 2 Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle


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#HistoryInTheMaking #ZMill Welcome to the Transitioning 2 Womanhood with Ms. Michelle! A real resource for you. Your mentor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Community Restoration Specialist Ms. Michelle brings to the airwaves this week, Holding on 2 Your Personal Power During Crisis. She shares the Action Plan her organization, PIE has put into place to assist young people to cope during this difficult time. It's Online Mentoring Program for Juniors opens NOW! Mentorship matters! Corona Virus. COVID19. Mass Quarantine... These can be very scary and uncertain times, in a blink of an eye our worlds have been rearranged, but that doesn’t mean we have to fall apart, instead, we learn to fall into our emotional, physical & spiritual strength. Join me as I give 40 tips to keeping your personal power, healthy tips for young ladies, information about our Junior Courses, and other opportunities for young women 18 to 30 and juniors ages 12-17. Mentor and support for the #ZMill. Tune in as Ms. Michelle guides and empowers you with interviews and spotlights inspirational women entrepreneurs shares real apprenticeship and volunteer projects teaches how to develop working relationships with other dynamic women, and discusses topics like self-love, spirituality, health, and healing. #ZMill, get real opportunities to work on projects, earn income, and network as you transition to full womanhood.

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