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Bästa Adventist Podcasts vi kunde hitta
Bästa Adventist Podcasts vi kunde hitta
Här får du nya bibliska insikter som utforskar adventismens historia, gemenskapen, gemenskap, tro och podcasts som ger andlig upplysning.

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Este canal agrega os podcasts da Revista Adventista, um periódico centenário de circulação nacional. Aqui você pode acompanhar versões em áudio de seções do impresso, mas a proposta também é sair do papel e oferecer conteúdos exclusivos que vão te ajudar a entender temas relacionados ao contexto da igreja e do mundo religioso em geral.
Former Adventist

Former Adventist

Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson

Varje vecka
Friends Colleen Tinker and Nikki Stevenson sip coffee and talk about life after Adventism. They discuss their journey to truth including eating pork, going to church on Sunday, and learning to trust the real Jesus. (Music © 2010 Nathanael Tinker. Used by permission.)
Our goal is to foster community through conversation. This podcast is a companion to Spectrum, a journal established to encourage Seventh-day Adventist participation in the discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian viewpoint, to look without prejudice at all sides of a subject, to evaluate the merits of diverse views, and to foster intellectual and cultural growth. For more, go to:
Enjoy the weekly message from the Brunswick Seventh-day Adventist church, in Brunswick, Maine—a place where we seek to love God and love people. As a church, we think this is best lived-out by a slow, steady hum of deeds done to relieve suffering and meet needs. Want to know more? Check us out at
For all the kokborok speaking people, Adventist World Radio (AWR) brings and broadcast a new kokborok program called ”Khatungmani Khorang.” Good news, the truths and the events of the days would be presented in the light of the scripture. The program will also include a talk about health and temperance as well as home and family.


No Ar Adventista

En gång i månaden
NO AR ADVENTISTA é um Podcast dedicado a assuntos da vida cristã e temáticas relacionado ao estilo de vida Adventista. Aqui neste canal, o jornalista Bruno Rafael, irá entrevistar Pastores, Cantores, Escritores e Membros da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia.
Vegetarianism, doomsday predictions, contradictory teachings, isolation, and elitism are hallmarks of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This organization, recognized as a religion worldwide, claims to be the ultimate and most accurate authority on the teachings of the Christian bible. This podcast features former members who have left the SDA community as they discuss their journey through and out of Adventism.
With a passion and zeal for a lost and hurting world, the Middletown Seventh-day Adventist Church is looking for ways to build bridges to a secular society through relationships. We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people along their journey. We stress the importance of healthy relationships and cultural relevancy to communicate the gospel message. For these reasons we believe it is by investing time and energy in becoming a healthy community of faith that God’s c ...
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Did I Not Say? We’ll be going back to the Old Testament and studying the story of a woman whose name we do not even know, but who exemplified faithfulness and commitment to the Lord. She endures hardship, yet is faithful in the midst of tragedy. Downey Adventist Church Sermon Did I Not Say? Pastor Chris 26 Nov. 2022…
Brunswick Seventh-Day Adventist Church November 26, 2022 This week’s message: Who is my neighbor. This week, TJ and Nathan will invite all of us to reflect on the parable of the Good Samaritan. There’s so much to learn! Check out the study guide and dig into the story for yourself. —Nathan Next week: Glory Rising…
Gretchen Van Ness, Civil Rights Attorney and Executive Director at LGBTQ Senior Housing Inc. is the past president of the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts and recognized as one of Boston's top LGBT leaders by Boston Magazine. Gretchen has decades of experience in community activism and representing and advocating for the LGBTQ community. Sh…
The act of giving thanks—whispered at each common meal, or once a year at family dinners on big holidays—is an early, hopeful flag that grace has come to live with us. For a moment—for one long, exhaling moment—we acknowledge the truth of what the apostle wrote 2000 years ago: “You are not your own: you have been bought with a price” (I Cor 6:19-20…
Dr. Haffner's sermon is entitled, Keeping Venden's Voice Alive. Here's a preview: Pastor Morris Venden as his son Lee says, “Had one string on his violin, Jesus,” and oh how beautifully he played that string. Join us this Sabbath at Azure Hills SDA Church as we listen to that song. Jesus. Only. Always. Dr. Haffner has served as senior pastor of the…
Quando o assunto é alimentação, será que o rótulo dos produtos ajuda realmente a evitar que as pessoas coloquem no carrinho do supermercado itens que são prejudiciais à saúde? Tudo indica que sim. Por isso, a Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa) determinou novas regras para a rotulagem de alimentos produzidos no Brasil. Em vigor desde …
Summary: We follow Robert Brinsmead and his brother John to the United States as they meet with church leaders, assemble allies, and campaign for his message--whether the church likes it or not (they don't). The What: The Adventist History Podcast is a monthly podcast telling a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted by Matthew J. Lucio. L…
Moe Stiles & Nathan Brown discuss advocacy, incarceration, motivation, ADRA, faith in the humanitarian sector, and colonization. Joining the conversation is the head of ADRA Australia, Denison Grellman, PhD. In March, 2021, Nathan and Moe commenced graduate studies in a Master of Hum…
Greg Howell is back with Michael Campbell as the team interviews David Trim (Director, GC Archives, Statistics, and Research) and Dragoslava Santrac (Managing Editor, ESDA) about the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists. What? Adventist Pilgrimage Podcast is a monthly podcast focusing on the academic side of Adventist history and hosted by histor…
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