Capricorn 22


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Digging, labor, drudgery, day in and day out. Hard work, hard decisions, hard-headed leadership. Directors, owners, generals, and other effective cold eyed leaders. Purpose, determination, duty, discipline, and tradition carrying you far but eventually breaking down. The new will eventually conquer the old. The danger of obstinately settling for obsolete, inadequate tactics or strategy. Acquiescing to the new order. Accepting defeat. Surrender. Transforming setbacks into accomplishments. Physical breakdown, yet with spiritual victory or advancement. Gracefully moving on from failure. Inner strength, grace and integrity that comes from loss. A dignity of bearing and moral integrity. De-escalation. A need to back down from a fight. Being good at losing. Non-violent solutions. Ceasefire. Ceasing to make excuses and repeat mistakes over and over. Postmortem on a failed effort without rationalizations or excuse versus an inability to learn, change or grow. Giving up is necessary to start again. Hitting your own limits. Death of a former part of life, a former title or position, or literal death.

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